Isaiah Sampson

Isaiah Sampson has been with Inland Dredging since Sept 20, 2017. He started as a deckhand on the Integrity and is currently a deck hand on the Kelly L. Isaiah is 23 years old and is a resident of Marksville, LA where he enjoys spending time with his daughter and family.

He enjoys fishing, hunting and riding 4 wheelers during his time away from the dredge. Thanks for your help, Isaiah.

At Inland dredging our desire is to ensure that our employees return home safely to their families, It’s the Company’s desire that employees are never hurt while performing any task. To ensure this, we continue strive to improve our safety processes and training programs.

Toward this end, we have initiated the Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Audit. Any of the Company SSHO’s and/ or Management Team can perform an audit on any task at any time. The JHA Audit is a review of a how well the Task Supervisor performed their JHA. During the JHA the Task Supervisor should discuss all of the hazards associated with the upcoming task, as well as how to mitigate the hazards. Audit items are a review of each of the 6 T’s; Today, Task, Tools, Tidy Up, Time out and Transition. Additionally, a review of the anticipated weather conditions during performance of the task. The audit is a review of the discussion between the crew and the task supervisor.

The Integrity completed the first phase of the Memphis Rental in December, 2018, and has been parked in Memphis the entire first quarter. The abbreviated crew has been working on work list items and helping Rob with the preparation of the new spacer barge which will soon go behind the dredge.

Kelly L

Immediately after the Christmas break, the Kelly L was dispatched to Biloxi to perform maintenance dredging along 5 miles of area channels. A portion of the dredged material was placed, via two miles of pipeline, onto Deer Island as one of the nation’s 10 beneficial use projects, sponsored by the Corps of Engineers.


The Ingenuity began the maintenance dredging of the Apalachicola Bay channel in mid December, 2018. The material was pumped onto “Bird Island” at the north end of the bay channel. As the dredge advanced away from the island, line lengths eventually reached nearly 2 miles.


The first quarter of 2019 roared in to find two of the three IDC dredges under contract for the Mobile District Corps of Engineers. The Ingenuity returned to work in Apalachicola, FL after the Christmas break under the guidance of Captain Gadsen Segree (Popeye) and his favorite Project Manager, Tim Dyer. Popeye and Chief Aaron Schwendeman had moved over to the Ingenuity from the Kelly L at the end of last year. Both are from the panhandle area and happy to be near their homes. SSHOs Dannie Stanley, Dwight Smalls and James Lilly kept all things safe. Thanks to all for a great job going into the area after Hurricane Michael had devastated so much. The Corps of Engineers and Inland recognized and partnered to insure that the dredge crews had access to affordable housing in the midst of this natural disaster.

IDC Equipment Department

Inland kicks off the new year with the initiation of a more formal equipment management organization. Rob will continue to be supported by John DeBruin and Vance, but will also receive input from Tim Dyer and Justin Babb as we move through the year. The group has already designed and implemented a computer monitored preventive maintenance program, an inventory management program and a methodology for planning and tracking future, fleet repairs. Dredge Chiefs now have detailed descriptions of preventive maintenance tasks for the week.

Timothy “Buck” Jones

Buck has been with Inland Dredging Co. for just shy of a year, as an oiler in the engine room of the dredge “Integrity”. He lives in Yazoo City, MS, where he enjoys hanging out with family and friends during his occasional weeks off. Buck is 22 years young and “loves” his work. He appreciates the opportunity he has every day to learn something new. Inland appreciates your service, Buck. Keep up the good work.


Project Jump Start As we begin a new year, we will be conducting a “Jump Start” of each of the projects. We will seek to engage everyone, recognizing the dreaded “holiday blues” of returning to work.

Kelly L

As reported last quarter, the Kelly L spent most of the fourth quarter on the Tennessee-Tombigbee River. That work was completed for the year in early December, after which the dredge and attendant plant arrived in David Lake.